What is It?

Tamagotchi (TM)

An appealing virtual reality creature. Tamagotchi ("tom-ah-got-chee") was first discovered in Japan. Tamagotchi hatch from tiny eggs after traveling millions of lightyears through cyberspace. With proper care and feeding (accomplished by pushing buttons on the egg), Tamagotchi quickly grow into adorable virtual reality pets in a wide variety or shapes and personalities.

Enormously popular in Japan, Tamagotchi have been adopted by children, teens, and adults of both sexes. Although there have been unsubstantiated reports of Tamagotchi sightings over Hawaii, the main flock is not expected to arrive in the U.S. until this Summer.

Available in:

1.  Transparent Blue ($199.99)

2.  Yellow with Orange Border and Buttons

3.  Red with Yellow Border and Buttons

4.  Purple with Pink Border and Buttons

5.  Bright Green with Yellow Border and Buttons

6.  White with Blue Border and Buttons ($199.99)

7.  Transparent Green ($199.99)



Price: $199.99

(color prices vary due to limited production)

Tamagotchi Type

Price: $149.99

Tamagotchi Type

Tips For Tamagotchi Caretakers!

* Too many snacks are not good. . . Tamagotchi may get a tummy ache!

* Don't wait for Tamagotchi to ask for what he wants.  Play and feed often!

* Remember to clean-up after Tamagotchi first thing in the morning. Otherwise he may get sick!

* Be sure Tamagotchi gets a good night's sleep. Turn out his lights at night.

* Give a shot to Tamagotchi ONLY when he is sick. Ouch!

Caretaker Grading Scale

0 - 5 Years = Try harder next time.

6 - 10 Years = Room for improvement.

11 - 16 Years = Good job!

17 - 22 Years = Excellent!

23+ Years = Amazing!

If you didn't do very well the first time, go ahead and hatch another!

You can always do better the next time!