by Tiger Toys

There are 6 different Giga Pets.  A Digital Doggie, Compu Kitty, Microchimp, Baby T-Rex (The Lost World), Virtual Alien, and a Bit Critter!!!  Giga Pets are just like real pets, you've got to feed them, play with them, clean up after them, even take care of them when they are sick!  The happier and healthier your pet grows up, the more you will score!  These are like the Tamagotchi's but you can take care of a pet and naming feature too.  You can actually type the name of the pet into your game!!   Collect 1 or all.  Supplies are going fast so..order them NOW before they run out like the Tamagotchi's.  

Sorry but the only Giga Pets we have left are: Compu Kitty, Bit Critter.  We will update when we have the rest back in stock.

Price $89.99

Giga Pet Type