Its Dinkie Dino The virtual pet!!!  Dinkie Dino is a hand held video game machine in the shape of a dinosaur that requires attention from the player or owner.  Dinkie Dino quickly grows into an adorable virtual reality pet in a wide variety of shapes and personalities.  A new game starts when Dinkie Dino hatches from a tiny cyberspace egg stored in the unit.  Using 5 buttons , you must feed him when hungry, give him a drink when thirsty, play games with the creature to keep it happy, give him medicine when he is sick, shower him when he is dirty, and turn on the air conditioning or the heater when he gets too hot or too cold.  If you are a good caretaker, he will become a loving friend.  If neglected, Dinkie Dino will turn into a rambunctious grouch.  The length of time that Dinkie Dino spends with you on Earth depends on how well you care of him. One day on Earth is equivalent to one year in virtual pet time.  The Dinkie Dino comes in four different colors: Yellow, White, Red, and Blue.  

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