Tako Seijin is one of the newest virtual pets out.   Tako Seijin is a baby alien whom some may now think comes from Mars.  He becomes a number of life forms depending upon his diet and how you treat him.  Tako Seijin needs care to grow up healthy, and you have to figure out what it needs at different times. Use the 5 keys to move to the activity you want, and press ENTER.

Activities include:

Drink, Food, Discipline, Play, Study, Shower (when his body turns dark), Air conditioning (he likes 25 degrees C. Too hot or cold and he gets sick. He shivers when cold and gets angry when hot.) Medicine, Report (learn the status of your pet. Age, weight, hunger, thirst, temperature, happiness, and discipline are reported so you can make the best choices in caring for your pet.)

Tako Seijin eats batteries & light balls to gain energy, but it also enjoys human diets. The more human diets it eats, the more it will look human. However, it may begin to refuse batteries & light balls once it is used to our human food.  Get your Alien now and see what you can grown him up to be!!!  

Colors:  Taku Seijin's come in 4 different colors Blue, Red, White, and Black.

New Price!!!(for a limited time only)

Only $49.99